Silver Coins

Ben Franklin Half DollarSilver coins are HOT right now!  Silver is in very high demand and the supply is limited.  Silver coins are about as SAFE of an investment as one can make right now for two reasons: 1) You have the intrinsic silver value of the coin; 2) in addition, you have the Numismatic value (collector’s value, rarity) of the coin which far exceeds the silver value.  Many investors are turning to silver coins for this reason.  Our best selling silver coins are the Benjamin Franklin half dollars, which are 90% silver.  These were minted from 1948-1963 and are the last solid series minted by the US government.  Many experts predict that these coins will largely be gone from the market within three years, as collectors are holding on to them!

We also have Morgan Silver Dollars, Barber half dollars, walking liberty half dollars, standing liberty, Washington quarters, and many others.

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