Ben Franklin Half Dollars

franklin-half-dollarThe Benjamin Franklin Half Dollars were minted from 1948 to 1963.  They were minted in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco.  The mintage location is designated by a letter D or S above the bell on the reverse side of the coin (no letter means it was minted in Philadelphia).  They were the last solid silver coins ever minted by the US government, and also the shortest time period of mintage from any coin series.  The Benjamin Franklin Half dollars were originally intended to be minted for 25 years. Production of the Franklin half dollars was cut short in 1963, due to Kennedy’s assassination.  They were subsequently replace with the Kennedy Half Dollars.

World Record

Ben Franklin Half dollars set the WORLD record for the single largest gain in the shortest period of time in the history of rare coins.  About 4 years ago, within a one year time period, the price of these coins went from $18/coin to over $300/coin!  The price has subsequently settled down, but in a MS-65 condition these coins have been seen selling for as high as $9,000 per roll!


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